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Writing Portfolio

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Make Me a Programmer / Hit Subscribe blog

Front Row Agile (as guest author)

The Front Row Agile site will be/was shut down on 31 October 2020, but articles were always and are still available on my LinkedIn profile.

Happy Melly (as guest author)

Since I wrote these, the Happy Melly blog has been moved into the Management 3.0 blog. It looks like the “Can hobbies make you happier?” got lost in the process.

Software on a String

Software on a String started when I was still fully into software development as a developer. It holds articles on Delphi and C# coding as well as general articles on development practices. Later on, and especially when I became aware of Agile Coaching, I started writing on (agile) (software) (development) (teams). Yeah, I know, sorry, still a bit of a geek.