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Titles without links have not yet been published or have not been published on the web. Text may be available on request.

SEO writing

Artificial intelligence


Working better, smarter, and happier

Online courses

Ghostwritten, claimed here with permission.

Agile software development

Most are knowledge base articles without author attribution.

Software development and testing

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Other writing

Special mention

Make Me a Programmer / Hit Subscribe blog

Front Row Agile (as guest author)

The Front Row Agile site will be/was shut down on 31 October 2020, but articles were always and are still available on my LinkedIn profile.

Happy Melly (as guest author)

Since I wrote these, the Happy Melly blog has been moved into the Management 3.0 blog. It looks like the “Can hobbies make you happier?” got lost in the process.

Software on a String

Software on a String started when I was still fully into software development as a developer. It holds articles on Delphi and C# coding as well as general articles on development practices. Later on, and especially when I became aware of Agile Coaching, I started writing on (agile) (software) (development) (teams). Yeah, I know, sorry, still a bit of a geek.