I coach curious and intelligent women* who want the confidence to banish their boredom, so they can be vibrant again, following their curiosity and ideas with an irrepressible, resilient mindset.

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* Men welcome too, but I focus on women.

Bored and Stuck

What I’ve found is that many curious and intelligent women feel bored and somewhat stuck.

You’d love to get out of your field and start something else to enjoy the exhilaration of a new adventure, as you did at the outset of their working life.

Lost Confidence

But, despite your achievements, you lack the confidence to strike out on a different path, because, like it or not, you’ve bought into the messages you hear almost everywhere.

That you should stick with what you know.
That you need to be an expert to be successful.
That you don’t want to be seen as a Jack or Jane of all trades.

Dreading the Future

It’s eroded your confidence and stifled your zest for adventure. It’s filled you with dread for the future — of having to stay in a field you probably just happened into because it sounded like fun at the time.

What’s more, you think the problem is you.

That you’re somehow deficient for not having found a passion you’d be happy to pursue your entire life. 

Unapologetically Be Yourself

What you need to realize is that your curiosity and intelligence are qualities that give you a unique advantage over any expert and specialist. You have the ability to carve out a niche for yourself that can make you highly sought after.

To achieve the clarity and confidence to create your own interesting and alluring journey, you need a fundamental shift in your thinking. One that’ll set you free to unapologetically be yourself and have fun on your journey again.



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