I coach creative and intelligent women* who want the confidence to banish their boredom, so they can follow their curiosity and ideas with an irrepressible, resilient mindset.

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* Men welcome too, but I focus on women.


What I’ve found is that most broadly interested women are multi-talented but undervalue their strengths.

They don’t consider themselves good enough at anything because they don’t focus on a single topic. They feel restricted, even constricted, by societal and employer expectations to specialize.

They think the problem is them, that they should be able to find their passion and become experts. They feel they’re somehow deficient for not having found it yet because everyone else seems to do so with ease.

What they really need to do is recognize their expansive interests and multi-talented nature for the strengths that they are and acknowledge their grit and perseverance in bucking the pressure to specialize all their lives.

In doing this, they can begin to feel comfortable and confident in who they are.

To truly achieve authentic, resilient confidence, they need a fundamental shift in their thinking so they can show up more aware, more aligned, and more focused on what brings them true fulfillment. Then they’ll finally feel free to unapologetically be themselves and pursue any topic or career that tickles their fancy.



Mail me at marjan@marjanvenema.com or app me with Whatsapp on +31 6 28 57 50 57. If you call that number, please respect that I am on Amsterdam time.