Marjan Venema

Coach. Speaker. Taiko drummer.

Helping burned-out and bored-out professionals reconnect with themselves and plan an inspiring, meaningful direction.

So they can banish their boredom and be vibrant again, following their curiosity and ideas with an irrepressible, resilient mindset.

Curious and Confident

The Curious and Confident philosophy is simple.

Engaging Future


Resilient Confidence


Flexible Journey

= Your Sparkle Reignited

When you

  • vividly describe what an Engaging Future for you looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes like,
  • grow and nurture the Resilient Confidence to sustain you through inevitable rough patches, and
  • map out and embark on a Flexible Journey to make it happen

you’ll reignite the sparkle in your eyes.

Reignite Your Spark and Get Your Sass Back!

Everything here is designed to help you reignite that sparkle in your eyes and to keep it there.

Insights, as well as practical information you can apply directly.

All intended to show you how to shape your life and have fun doing it.

You can count on candid information delivered with famous Dutch directness and a “can do” attitude,
and with humorous illustrations of the human condition thrown in.

To top it off, I’ll lace it with my personal experience of living with a neuro-diverse brain.
Something that makes a mockery of most personal development and growth advice out there,
and, at times, has driven me to tears and desperation,
but is also a huge fountain of inspiration and playfulness.