Writing – EN

Writing – EN

I’m Marjan, a Smart Blogger certified content marketing expert, working from the Netherlands with over 30 years of experience in software requirements, analysis, development, and support for the Business Planning and Analytics, Financial, and Manufacturing industries.

My writing specialty is writing comprehensive engaging content that makes complicated and complex topics easy to understand and consume. I write straightforward language in a conversational style and illustrate abstract topics with concrete examples.

Understanding what you want to achieve, for example more traffic or establishing authority, is always my first step. Then I’ll research what you are up against in terms of competition for the same goal and create an outline that I am confident will get you the result you want. After you’ve approved the outline, I will create your content.

If you need someone who understands both the technical and human side of software development, as well as the businesses using it, then please get in touch to have a chat about the ambitions for your business and the content that can help you achieve them.

Writing samples

Samples of my work include:

Software on a String

Software on a String started when I was still fully into software development as a developer. It holds articles on Delphi and C# coding as well as general articles on development practices. Later on, and especially when I became aware of Agile Coaching, I started writing on (agile) (software) (development) (teams). Yeah, I know, sorry, still a bit of a geek.

Front Row Agile (guest author)

Mid 2017 I was accepted as a guest writer for the Front Row Agile blog. Unfortunately, the blog went inactive soon after my series on trust: Myths and Misconceptions About TrustWhat Trust is Made Off and To Ask or Not to Ask. Luckily it didn’t have to do with my writing, at least that’s what I assume, considering the fact that the Myths and Misconceptions About Trust post was selected for and included in the “The Best Agile Articles of 2017”

Happy Melly (guest author)

As an active member of the Happy Melly community, I got to lead challenge weeks and write blog posts to start them of. 2017 saw the publication of Exercising for happiness, How to trust yourself and Can hobbies make you happier? I’ve since left the community (life changes you know) but since focusing on writing and content marketing as a profession, I may add some more.

Get in touch

Call me on +31628575057 (Amsterdam time!), mail to marjan@marjanvenema.com or use the form below.