Affiliate disclosure

This site participates in a number of affiliate marketing programs.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is what companies use to get individuals and other companies to promote their products or services. In return they pay a small commission when a visitor makes a purchase after s/he clicked a link on the site of an affiliate.

This site participates in a number of affiliate marketing programs. This means that the content on this site may contain affiliate links and that when you click on an affiliate link and end up purchasing something at that site, I earn a small commission.

What does it cost you?

Nothing at all.

You pay the same whether you used an affiliate link or went to the product’s/service’s site directly.

Individual commissions do add up, though. So they do make a difference for me and I appreciate your support by using them.

My guarantee

I only use affiliate links for products and services that I’ve personally used or that come highly recommended by people I know personally and I know have used them.

I’ll never recommend a product or service just because it pays a commission. That would be sleazy and totally outside my integrity.

How can you recognize affiliate links?

When I use an affiliate link, I put (affiliate link) after it, like this:

Siteground (affiliate link)

Now, despite the care I take to be clear about my affiliations, it’s totally possible I may forget to mark an affiliate link.

So, please just assume that any link to a product or service on another site is an affiliate link.

Oh, and if you find an affiliate link that isn’t clearly marked, please let me know and I’ll correct it.