Writing – EN

Writing – EN


Behind the scenes I am working on a new blog. The name is still up for grabs. It’s going to have irresistible content for individuals and teams with a history of “going with the flow” who want help clarifying, prioritizing and achieving their goals with confidence.

Software on a String

Software on a String started when I was still fully into software development as a developer. It holds articles on Delphi and C# coding as well as general articles on development practices. Later on, and especially when I became aware of Agile Coaching, I started writing on (agile) (software) (development) (teams). Yeah, I know, sorry, still a bit of a geek.

Front Row Agile (guest author)

Mid 2017 I was accepted this year as a guest writer for the Front Row Agile blog. Started with a series on trust: Myths and Misconceptions About TrustWhat Trust is Made Off and To Ask or Not to Ask. Come November 2017, the topics will probably vary a bit more.

Happy Melly (guest author)

As an active member of the Happy Melly community, I get to lead challenge weeks and write blog posts to start them of. 2017 saw the publication of Exercising for happiness, How to trust yourself and Can hobbies make you happier? Happy Melly already roped me in for another challenge week for January 2018. So more to come there as well.