Taking the Terror out of Tech

I’m Marjan, a Smart Blogger certified content marketing expert, working from the Netherlands with over 30 years of experience in software requirements, analysis, development, and support for the Business Planning and Analytics, Financial, and Manufacturing industries.

With me, you get someone who understands both the technical and human side of software development and other technological topics, as well as the businesses creating and using it. And, someone who isn’t afraid of research!

Why work with me?

My content will end up getting you more traffic than other writers. Potentially 10-100X more.

Yes, that’s a bold claim, but I’ve been, and am being, personally mentored by Jon Morrow, one of the top traffic experts in the world (Google him). So, I’m confident I can deliver for you.

But, I may not be for you

I’m more expensive than most writers. Because my work is page 1 worthy and thus ultimately gets more life-time traffic, I charge more than other writers.

Also, I ask a lot of questions. Questions you may not yet have answers to. That’s alright. I can help you get them. And you really want me to get those answers, because I need them to get you results!

It’s your decision

But, if you’re looking for someone who is intent on getting you the results that move the needle for your business’ content marketing, then do get in touch. We’ll start with a chat about your ambitions for your business and the content that can help you achieve them.

Get in touch

Mail me at marjan@marjanvenema.com or send me a text/WhatsApp on +31 6 28 57 50 57. If you call that number, please respect that I’m on Amsterdam time.

If you’d like to read my writing first, have a look at my portfolio.