This page will hold a selection of my best articles to help you create the life you want, to help you do what you want to do rather than what you (think you) should do.

For now, it holds some articles I’ve written elsewhere.

All my future writings will be on my Substack publication: 42 Sidenotes.

Its description says it all: “Multifaceted observations, answers, and questions on life, the universe, and everything.”

Multifaceted means I’ll cover topics from multiple angles. Simply because there’s always more than a single side to anything.

And that’s what makes life interesting!

After all, how ultimately boring would it be if what we can observe only ever had a single interpretation? That we’d all have no choice but to agree on? It would make conversations futile and meaningless. There’s absolutely no fun and no learning (beyond the “laws of …”) when you (have to) agree.

I write about topics that’ll help you:

  • reconnect with who you are deep down inside
  • grow your confidence and resilience
  • identify your vision for the future and make it happen

I’ll cover topics like values, meaning, personality, purpose, and vision.

I’ll dig into setting goals, mapping out your journey, beating procrastination, and staying on track through habits and practices that work for you.

And, perhaps even better, I’ll help you crack the code on mindset and resilient confidence so you’ll know how to move through anything that comes up and threatens to throw you off kilter.

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