You DO want it all.

You don’t want to settle for what you have. That sounds like being buried alive in your own life.

You do want to make changes, but somehow life as it is, always gets in the way. You just need to blink and another month, or even year, has gone by. Time keeps slipping away from you, never to return.

It’s frustrating and disillusioning.

If only you had someone that would work with you.

That puts your wants and needs front and center. That really listens to you and inspires you to take action. That empathizes with you when things get rough and you feel like quitting, but also calls your bullshit and challenges you to step up to the plate.

In short: someone that makes and helps you think, guides you through the process, and the ups and downs of change. The change that YOU want.

I’d be honored to be that someone for you.

I believe that deep down you know exactly what you want, you have the ability to achieve it and you will do it once you get past whatever is keeping you stuck right now.

As your coach, I will guide you to get clear on what you want and how you are still holding yourself back. I will challenge you to change your perspective and beliefs around it. And I will support you as you take your first steps.

As a result, you will change and your life will change.

You will create your own solutions. Solutions that are a perfect fit for YOU. That you can get excited about. That feel good and make you smile.

Hiring a coach is an investment in yourself that will keep compounding its benefits long after the coaching has finished.

Take the first step today

Mail me at or send me a text/WhatsApp on +31 6 28 57 50 57. If you call that number, please respect that I’m on Amsterdam time.