Agility Fan (own publication)

Agility Fan is my publication on medium where I will now do most of my writing. It is focused on agility. Of teams, of individuals of organizations. I just switched there, so the content is still a bit thin, but I expect it to grow quite a bit.

Software on a String (own publication)

Software on a String started when I was still fully into software development as a developer. It holds articles on Delphi and C# coding as well as general articles on development practices. Later on, and especially when I became aware of Agile Coaching, I started writing on (agile) (software) (development) (teams). Yeah, I know, sorry, still a bit of a geek.

Front Row Agile (guest author)

I am proud that I was accepted this year as a guest writer for the Front Row Agile blog. June 7th saw the publication of my first guest post there: Myths and Misconceptions About Trust. A second followed on July 10th: What Trust is Made Off. At least one more will follow on August 9th.

Happy Melly (guest author)

As an active member of the Happy Melly community, I get to lead challenge weeks, now and again. The first was on exercising for happiness. The second was during the “How to …” challenges month. My challenges were around How to trust yourself.