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Braving to Self-Trust Workshop

Agile teams expect their members to be open and transparent. To show up. To open themselves up to the scrutiny of their peers and stakeholders and make themselves vulnerable to their words and actions. Lack of trust is one of the highest, if not the highest, hidden cost in business today – as without trust and the willingness to be vulnerable, there can be no innovation, creativity or change.

Yet agile training programmes don’t address trust. Nor do any other training programmes. It’s as if everyone figures it’s someone else’s responsibility to make it happen.

This workshop will introduce Brené Brown’s BRAVING acronym, which describes everything that goes into trust and the living BIG concept that is taken from that. It will follow that introduction with exercises for assessing your level of self-trust in these terms and what you can do to improve it.

You’ll leave with a clear path forward to having more self-trust, enabling you to function and perform better in agile teams.

Trust( )in(g) Teams

Ever worked in a team where people seemed to play ball, but you could feel undercurrents pointing in the opposite direction? Lack of trust between team members or between the team and “the outside” is corrosive to motivation and detrimental to team-moral and productivity.

Learn to recognize the symptoms of trust issues and get a handle on how to start addressing them. Even if you are “just a grunt”.

Content adjusted to time available – from full length conference session to 10 minute lightning talk.

Braving to Self-Trust

When you find yourself unwilling to make yourself vulnerable to the words and actions of someone else, I am willing to bet a lot that they acted in ways that eroded your trust for them.

Brené Brown’s Anatomy of Trust’s BRAVING acronym helps you figure out what that was so you can talk to them about it without entering a mine field. It also helps you assess how trustworthy you behave towards others, and, far more importantly, how trustworthy you are towards yourself.

In this short talk I will explain the BRAVING acronym and talk about how I used it to grow my self-trust.

Content adjusted to time available – from full length conference session to 10 minute lightning talk.