You want to change your life. Reach a goal, or get rid of baggage.

You want to grow: get better at who you are and what you do.

You are looking for how to achieve that.
Or you started enthusiastically, and then got stuck along the way.
Or maybe it just never is the time.

Things like:

  • You have a decision to take and you can’t get a grip on it, you keep putting it off.
  • You want (or need) something else, but don’t know what.
    Maybe your job is in jeopardy or you’ve simply had it with the one you have. Maybe you’d like to go independent and wonder whether you are suited for that.
  • You are full of ideas. You start a lot and finish little because your attention is soon caught by something else. You would like to learn to focus, but deep down, you don’t want to choose. Only trouble is, the way you are going, you are not making any progress.
  • You want to stand up for yourself more often. And sooner. Not just when you can’t take it anymore.
  • You want to respond differently. For example when you feel taken off guard or irritated. Or you want to feel more confident when all eyes are upon you.
  • You want to live your life uninhibited and with joy, instead of worrying and feeling stressed.
  • You want more appreciation and recognition. At work, for example.
  • You have everything organized and running smoothly. Still, you miss something. “Is this all?” surfaces frequently.

You struggle working it out yourself, and your family and friends mean well, but their suggestions and advice don’t quite hit the mark. It seems more about what they like and would do than what you want or need.

If any of this sounds familiar, getting a coach is a good idea.

Or maybe you know perfectly well how to proceed and yet you are not taking action. Something else calls for your attention that is easier than changing.

Then too, getting a coach is a good idea.

  • A coach puts you front and center: what you do, are capable of and want. Now – and with a little practice – later.
  • A coach inspires you to take action and persist.
  • A coach guides you in finding solutions that are perfectly suited for you.
  • A coach helps you recognize qualities you maybe didn’t even know you have.
  • A coach also helps you to recognize how you are blocking yourself.
  • A coach pushes you to broaden your horizons – to see possibilities that are now outside your view.

In short: a coach guides you in achieving your goals and getting everything out of your life that’s in it.

Could you use a coach?

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