I am a techie and coach, a philosopher and a thinker, a storyteller and a bit of a nut.

Having been on the receiving end of every management theory out there for more than 30+ years, I am now on a mission to improve the playing field for everyone through advocacy of the agile mindset and the importance of trust and self-trust in becoming truly agile.

As a seasoned practitioner, a mentor and a coach in agile thinking and processes, software architecture and design, user interface and user experience design, I liberate minds to achieve their vision.

Learning and improving is part of my DNA. To me that’s what agile software development is all about.

It takes guts to put yourself on the bleeding edge of your knowledge and experience on a daily basis. Guts, trust and self-trust. Having fought, and won, my own battles in this, I love helping others grow beyond them.

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