I am a coach (I finally have the confidence to say that), a philosopher, a storyteller and a bit of a nut.

I am a scanner – someone with so many interests that it would take at least three lifetimes to dig into them all (Watch the linked video and Google for scanner and Barbara Sher if you want to know more).

I am a scarred and scared extrovert that spent a lifetime thinking she was an introverted geek. That’s why I am still working as a developer and that’s why I speak on, write and facilitate web meetings and workshops about trust (bravingtrust.com).

Having met Gitte Klitgaard and Dan North over a year ago now, I embarked on a journey to leave developing and become an agile coach. It’s proving a challenge. All the wrong experience apparently, at least if you believe the recruiters, the consulting agencies and companies going through transitions thinking they want people with old style project management baggage to help them adopt something new.

Looking for an organization that is willing to witness and facilitate the birth of a great agile coach and reap the benefits of my not so silent learning.

If you want to be able to boast “Yes, I knew Marjan way before she was a well known coach. In fact, I was the one who gave her the opportunity to really take off when she switched from development to agile coaching.”, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Yes, let’s talk!

There will also be publicity in it for you as I belief in “learning out loud”: speaking and hosting workshops at conferences, writing articles, organizing web meetings and soon (virtual) workshops. Help me learn and grow and I’ll gladly pay my respects with attribution 🙂