I am a coach, a philosopher and a thinker, a storyteller and a bit of a nut.

Learning and improving is part of my DNA. To me that’s what agile software development is all about.

With 30+ years of comprehensive experience in all things related to software development, and having been the Agile Advocate in and for my teams since laying eyes on the Agile Manifesto, I am now looking to become a full time agile team coach.

If you want to be able to boast “Yes, I knew Marjan way before she was a well known coach. In fact, I was the one who gave her the opportunity to really take off when she switched from development to agile coaching.”, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Yes, let’s talk!

There will also be publicity in it for you as I belief in “learning out loud”: speaking and hosting workshops at conferences, writing articles, organizing web meetings and soon (virtual) workshops. Help me learn and grow and I’ll gladly pay my respects with attribution 🙂